I Have Found the Most Wonderful Man

I always get worried when I start feeling this, and saying this, because so far 'every' boyfriend has been 'the one'.

But in my defense, they do keep getting better and better.

This one, is amazing, and all we can think about is how much we want to be together. I want so badly to wake up every morning and see him, to see him every day, to have and raise our children together, and I so desperately want his name already!

But alas, its still too soon, and whats even worse, he's younger than me, so he still has 3 more years of school, and I have only 1, and we don't have much money right now, so the list is, 'me finish school' 'get an apt together' 'him turn 21' 'fly to Vegas for spring break and get married by Elvis' 'buy a house' 'have a real wedding'.

Sigh... I hate the waiting.
margauxknits margauxknits
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2007