....I am sitting here having breakfast alone for the millionth time. I haven't solved the mystery of what it takes to find a mate. I don't see myself being 40 and still single but from the way things are going, it's headed that way. I have ALWAYS been the type to picture myself married w/kids. I could never imagine still living the single life well into my 30's. I worry about alot of things: will I still be able to have kids, are options limited because I'm getting older, is it possible that I may never, ever find one person that's actually interested in being w/me for life? I find it frustating and maddening that people get married for the wrong reasons and it ends in disaster. I know I am in it for the right reasons but I can't seem to find my needle in a haystick.

Sunshyne909 Sunshyne909
31-35, F
Feb 28, 2010