The One I Want.

I found the girl that i want to be with the rest of my life. I've loved her for a very long time, 4 years now, but at first i didn't want to tell her because she had a boyfriend then when i was going to she got another and another and then she started dating my best friend... So i just decided to be her friend for a while then her and my friend were on the outs and i drove a 5 hour drive in 2.5 because she needed to get out of where she was. We stayed at her aunts that night and she said that she was thinking about killing herself, so i told her that i loved her and leaned forward and kissed her. We were in love with eachother but neither of us wanted to take the first step, once it was made we fell in love. One day i will marry her unless something goes horribly wrong in our relationship... more than already has, if we can make it through this together we can make it through anything. I love her more than anything and i would give anything to be with her everyday just like we are now.

I don't see us turning into one of those couples that hates eachother because we seem right for eachother. I hope we can be this happy 50 years from now and still love eachother and act the same as we do right now. Just have to work on the ring that she wants; $7500 but it is a beautiful ring from tiffay's. I don't plan to propose for a while though after college and such but i will be saving money the entire time we are in college for it.

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Sorry not really the christian faith kind of guy, god put us here to make our own decisions not cling to some beleif and say well i believe in you so i live forever. He put us here to be good people and live decent lives and most of all be nice to our fellow man. Most people fail at most of those catagories, make yourself happy because jesus helps those that help themselves. Turning to god and the bible for all of your problems isn't what God is there for he is there to guide you yes but some people take that way to far. Once again just my beliefs take it as you please.


Young love is an example to us older adults. Please never forget your feelings and do everything in your power to show her you love her - even when you don't feel like it. Eventually, that will happen. It may be a while, but the newness of love does wear down a bit. Just always keep the love alive. You can be that happy 50 years from now. People talk about how relationships take a 50/50 effort from each party. WRONG! Give half of yourself and it will fail. Continually, give your whole self and you will reap the world. The effort needs to be 100/100 for lasting love.