I Still Haven't Met "the One" Yet.

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here.  I have to admit that I am a single woman in her late 30s who has never married. I have dated, but the last boyfriend that I had was two years ago. I am currently not dating because I have decided to go back to school and focus on that. Besides, I don't want to go back to school , work and then work on my relationship. Dating is work in a sense. And at this late stage in my life, my focus is now on getting my certificate, moving out of my parent's house, getting a career that is more of a career than a job, and then thinking of becoming a Single Mother by Choice. I know that kids are hard work too, I do really want to be a mother.

I joined this group because I do want to get married, but at this point it is on the backburner. Who knows, I might get married before I am 40 or after I am 40. My focus is on some other things at the moment.


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Do you really think it's right to have a baby, only to stick it in daycare so you can have your career? I have friends telling me I could/should be a single mom, too. I just can't fathom waiting so many years for a baby, only to drop him off for some stranger to virtually raise him.<br />
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Don't give up hope on finding a man. I've dated and worked in a career-type job. I finally found Mr. Right this summer - still dating him - going on a vacation trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving week. All is well. :D

Maybe you've been looking in the wrong places. Do some things different, perhaps some vol. work at your local hosp - Red Cross. Make friends in different circles..

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I didn't say that I want to get married right away or sit around and wait for the right one. I can go out and meet people. But at this point in time, I would rather not go and look for a man. I would rather do that after I am done with school. <br />
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But, if it happens that I meet "The right one" say on my way to school on the bus, then that is good.<br />
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I'm not sitting around at all. I just would rather focus on other things and not date.<br />
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Besides, I haven't done much socializing other than the peers at school.

Welocme to EP! <br />
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Marriage is not for everyone. It seems to me your one of the rare people in the world to actually wait until they have found the one. The problem is it seems you have not found the one. Yes you have school to concentrate on and such but you cant tell me you spend every waking moment on it? You have time in your life for a relationship if you made time. <br />
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Since you hate dating so much (as do I am most other people!) I suggest you just make many guy friends and pick one of them assuming one of them interest you?<br />
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Thats my 2 cents.