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i have been debating whether or not to get my nipples pierced for the last 5 or 6 years. i have several body piercings - all above the neck, and i have several tattoos. i finally had the nerve to ask my partner what their opinion was last night about me getting my nipples pierced and my partner likes the idea. i think i have finally decided to do it. i'm very stoked about it and cant wait. i just gotta find out how much it will cost to have both of them done and save up for it and finally go in and have it done.

i cant wait
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I had my nipples pierced and it was more painful than when I had my penis piercing.

I have both nipples pierced. One is pierced twice and I plan on piercing both multiple times

Get them pierced hun ; )

how can ur partner suck ur nipple if it has piercing? just curious.

I have sucked a lot of pierced nipples. Didn't have a problem. I love girls with pierced nipples.

Hey Beth,

I've seen MANY women with nipple rings in my tenure on planet. I think it's a colossal waste of perfectly Good *******. But, could we have a Before & After shot??

Thanks in acdvance...

If your partner likes it and you do also then go for it . At least if you don't want them some day you just take them out. I also have been told that it makes them more sensitive ( the good way )

I have heard that too. It almost makes me a little nervous because they are already really sensitive to begin with.

Your partner is lucky. I would love to have my wife's nipples piercedf but unfortunately she has inverted nipples.

wow. my partner does too. my partner don't like pain and can't stand needles so they wont get it done. my partner and i are kinky that way. for medical reasons, i wouldn't be able to breastfeed if i were to get pregnant so getting this done isn't going to create issues in that area.

Did you get them done? If so, how has your experience been?