Yes Sirrrrrr

I want a nose ring really badly.

I have a piggy nose so ermmm I don't think it would look particularly cute. Also I wonder if boogers get stuck in there -_- hehe I hope not Dx
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Yeah, I think they look really good.

Yeah, they look cool. I hope to get one once I leave my parent's house. I hope you like yours if you indeed get one.

Im thinking of getting one as well! :D

Aww nateyy I'm sure a piercing would look nice on u

lol aida!

nose rings are sexy


It all depends on the placement on how it looks. Try drawing a dot on your nose to get an idea, but also different types of jewelery compliment different types of noses. I've had my nose pierced for 9 years and yes, unfortunately boogers do get stuck to/around the back of the jewelery from time to time, especially when you're sick and you get that crusty nose going on. :)


that's a cool idea!

awwwwwwwww :)


How many do you have Rosey? :)

Hehee like bad girls xD

I had to edit my comment because rosey commented the afterward.

No, I am not mad...

And YAY Rosey I'm sure they're gonna look great (:

No, I actually didn't like it Sadist -__-

Aww I see sure to post pics once you get them :)

Awwwww Morgue thanks for the info (:

And lol @ boogers xD

She's right.

Noserings tend to look good on anyone. Ahah.

And no, nothing gets stuck in there. (:



and ROFL if they got stuck that would be sooooo weird xD

Ooo I love nose rings. I really want one. :)

Oh and boogers don't get stuck there and are cute on everyone. :)



hehehehe :P *runs off into the night before she goes not american on my ****





Hater -____-


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW seriously? i think their GROOSSSSSSSSSSS. and i like your nose... and the rest of you

I think they're hawt too hehee ;P

I mean Tupac wore one so why can't I? xD

AHHHH I love nose piercings! I find them ridiculously attractive on girls for some reason, lol maybe i'm just weird =P