Check Mate! I Got One Now. Goal Accomplised!

I do have my nose pierced now, and I was right, boogers do get stuck behind my piercing :D
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
9 Responses Aug 23, 2011

You're so rude D:<br />
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Besides, I didn't get it to please you :O<br />
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Lmfao. Yeah, it's kind of weird because they pierced my ears as soon as I was born lol.<br />
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My mom never believed in peircing babies' ears. "Child cruelty" she called it. Can you see the irony? <br />
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My sis is supposed to take me. :D

Hahaha :P

Haha..thats gross but totally funny. :D

Yoru, me too! I was nervous to get it, but am glad I did :D Ive had my ears pierced since I was a babeh.<br />
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LMFAO ODIUM! Exactly! xD I used a q-tip to get ma booogah out <br />
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LOL Mizz. I don't upload pics anymore here, but I shall consider it :P

pics or it didn't happen <3

Lucky! I've been wanting my nose peirced for years. I still have to get my ears peirced though.