One of my best girlfriends told me that she was going to have her palm read by a local woman about a year ago.   She said that the woman was supposed to be very accurate.  I have to say I was somewhat skeptical ... I do believe that there are many unexplainable things out there ... people with intuition and power, mysterious events and happenings ... but ...

... my friend went along and was told many things ...

Now, a year later, my friend is reflecting on the information she was given and finds that so much of it is very very accurate. 

So, now I am tempted to go along and get a reading ... hmmm ... maybe ...

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spooky happenings!! lol ... thanks eeeefit and sharossody ... I didn't know it was only women who could have this power ...

A girlfriend had her's read in Wales, she kept on saying through out the reading, she could see towers, when my friend returned home [Australia], she walked out her back door to see the damage a windstorm created, some tree's were brought down and there on the mountain she had never seen before, because of the trees, were the 3 TV towers......

I had my palm read by a gypsy ...mmmmm....maybe 15 or 16 years ago. It was a dude dressed as a woman--who explained that only women can practice the craft and that there were no sisters so it was passed to him, etc. and so forth.<br />
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He stared and stared into my hand for quite a long time, and finally...yes...yes...what?....finally he told me: " You are a very loving person."<br />
<br />
~.*<br />
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Well, I could have told HIM that. But what it really indicated to me was that he didn't want to tell me what he saw. <br />
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Considering the last 15 or 16 years, I don't blame him.

yes... I agree funguy ... that's what bothers me to be honest.

interesting marji ... I am fascinated

yes it's certainly interesting southernman ... I am tempted to have a reading ...

Many years ago, early 80's to be exact a girl I was dating too me to Cassadaga for my birthday to get a reading. It was very interesting. She knew a lot about me and mentioned family by name whom had passed. Much of what she said came to be.<br />

I'll ask for you gamblinman ... what if the answer is negative ... do you still want to know? lol

as long as she tells me that txwoman2 an i are gonna get togrther......maybe put the pics on here lol