Halloween Double Team

a good friend and i had tag teamed my wife a few times by this point. she still acted coy and shy and nervous though, which to me made it much hotter anyway.
she worked in a mall back then and had picked out a cute but not sexy dorathy costume from the wizard of oz, to hand out candy to all the kids. my buddy and i had plans for her after work that night! we picked her up when her shift was over, brought her back to the house and sat down. she kicked her ruby slippers off and relaxed on the love seat. the friend and i had a plan again. "MUA HA HA!" evil laugh...i needed to go get a pack of smokes. actualy i didnt but thats what i told her. i left her and my buddy at home and drove to the store, only about 2 minuites away if even that far. i wanderd up and down each isle to give them ample time for him to get her started
the story he tells is that after i left he tried to get her to come sit with him on the couch, she wouldnt. so he stood up, took his **** out and told her to suck it. " she did what she was told. she was afraid if she let him **** her id be mad. "which isnt true" but the little **** let him get her naked at **** her from behind anyway, right there on the love seat.
when i got back 20 or 30 mins later i snuck over and put my ear against the window. "squeak..thump. squeek thump, squeeky squeeky.." i heard the springs from the couch..hes fu.ckin her. soo, i opend the door and there she was bent over, naked as hell and outa breath, she jumped up thinking i was gunna be pissed. i marched up, grabbed her pigtails and pulled her hot body to our bed. made her suck me for a bit while my friend was behind her. he closed her legs together and was giving it to her dogie stile. all of the sudden she started to have this ******..i shiit you not it was like 10 or more all together, kind of like waves and only seconds in between, ive never seen or heard of this kind of ****** but my god you should have seen and heard it. i swear it almost made her black out..i was amazed. at any rate after water and re fuel it began again. me ******* her in every position or him giving it to her..her mouth and ***** was sore for a week after we got done.
to this day i cant watch the wizard of oz without popping a *****..lol
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lol .. funny but very sexy

Oh???what's funny?

The wizard of Oz comment was funny I meant! ;)

Ahh. Lol gotcha.

**** ya ur wife is a good girl

thanks man.. lol.

halloween is fun as she can dress up and service men and women anom.

halloween is fun as she can dress up and service men and women anom.


I hear you about the screaming ******. I snuck up on my wife having sex with a friend that had flown from Colorado for a long weekend. I had planned on going camping, but the weather changed my mind and I came back early. I knew, of course, what they would be doing all weekend and it was fine with me, but upon silently entering the house and hearing them in the midst of a wild time I just had to look in on them. I think this guy was a bit smaller in the **** size dept. and he was also white, but they seemed to click. Moments after getting in a hidden position to watch them, she broke out in the BLOOD curdling scream that started with a loud "I'm cuming" and ended with such a loud scream that I seriously worried about a neighbor calling 911 reporting a murder. Although she normally will announce her pending *******, I had never heard such report from her,before,nor since.

ha ha.. well mabe not that much of a screaming O. but.. yeah good stuff. man nutn like it ya know?

What so HOT for me is to walk in and find your wife nude in bed ******* your friend ( sorry honey but I had to have his big **** )

ha ha ha..funny. but actualy it was bent over the couch..lmfao..and yeah it was hot

It's close to Halloween again, mind sending dorthy over to my place?

im on it bud. this year shell be a witch..lol..be looking for one near you.

No dice. Love to se a picture

Wow this is hot...

Great story and I love your relationship with your wife. I agree with ivo13 however I think just having a handful of friend to tag team your wife would keep it fresh. Thanks for sharing.

thats hot! love it

I like it - would like to help you two re-live it too!

guess no one likes this one.. sigh...lol