Sharing My Passed Out Wife Fantasy

I have a fantasy that I jack off to often. My wife is a cert heavy sleeper normally, and when she's been drinking a lot she is almost comatose. I have had sex with her without her waking up and I have used household items to **** her with without her waking up. It always turns me on to use her ***** without her knowing. My brother has seen naked pictures of her and it always gets him hard. But my fantasy is that one night she gets really drunk and passes out in bed. I play with her and ***** her to male sure she doesn't wake up and then I call my brother. He comes over and there she is soread out on the bed like a buffet. I tell him he can do whatever he wants to. I watch him fondle herand play with her ***** as she lays there unconscious. He licks her ***** while I'm jacking off, already about to *** from the excitement.he rubs his **** on her face and eases it into her sleeping mouth enjoying her hot breathe and tongue on the head of his ****. Im taking pictures of everything so I can always jack off to it.he slowly ducks her mouth for a while before eating her ***** to lube it up for his ****.he slides his **** in my wifes ***** and starts ******* her. I'm so exited I can't stand it. The close up pictures of someone else's **** in my wife will always be a source of pleasure for me. It's amazing to watch someone else **** my beautiful little wife. I tell him he can't *** in her so he pulls out of her ***** in just a short time because he's so excited it doesn't take him long. He jacks off over her face and **** on her cheek and eye. I'm ready to blow so i shoot my load on her chest and chin. I take lots of pics of my unknowing ****. I'm hard again pretty quick so I wipe the evidence off her face and tell my brother he can watch from the doorway as I **** her in case she wakes up. I roll her over gently and bring her hips in the air to meet my pulsing ****. I stick it in her ***** and shortly I'm ******* her hard doggy style. I can see my brother filming from around the doorway on his phone. She starts to stir and wake up as im almost done. She's moaning and enjoying my **** unknowoling that she just got ****** by my brother. My brother leaves and my wife is none the wiser. Later on me and my brother watch the video he took and jack off together.
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May 22, 2012