She's Starting To...

So as some of are aware "D" and I got married on the 5th and ever since she has really started to loosen up. She has been more expressive with her fantasies, more aggressive in bed and is hornier than ever. A few nights ago while making love I started a story about another guy joining us and in the past she would pretty much just answer when I asked something but this time she jumped in and took over from time to time, she even got into reverse cowgirl cause she wanted to ride my "faceless ****" as she put it. When I asked her later what had changed she said " I dont know, we're married now" which is plenty good enough for me cause I am loving it.
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36-40, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

It's so much fun when the women in our lives become the sexual beings that we love them to be! 30+ years and I'm still working on my wife to loosen up more. You're way ahead of me already!! Good luck in the future!!