How To Get Her To Start Smoking

I really find a lady who smokes very sexy!

I wish i could persuade my wife to start.She lighted up a smoke about a month ago and put it out immidiately,complaining of the taste.So i bought her a pack of menthols,but she does'nt want to try again...........says it's a sind to smoke....

Any advice??
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When you are driving and talking in your car. Ask your wife to please lite a cigarett for you and explain to her you don't want to be distracted while driving. Because you to want to cause an accident while driving. when she lites up your cigarett for you. Thank her and tell how she looks when she lites up a cigarett for you. This will create an interest and an to start smoking for you. Good Luck

Hi - I think the same but my wife (to the best of my knowledge) has never smoked before and hates the thought and smell. I bought an electric cig online and am currently using pursuavive techniques when she is unaware - engrossed in a book, tv programme, half a sleep or fast a sleep to suggest to her that 'she doesn't want to smoke a cigarette!'. As strange as this sounds, this is a suggestive hypnosis procedure. Subconsciously at these periods (above) when suggested to her her mind will hear the key words eg You want to smoke a cigarette. Anyway, repeating this over time will eventually convince her that she really wants to take it up. The elctric cig was a good start since having this accepted in the house and doing it around her gained acceptability. I refer to this as a Duffa. 'You don't want to Smoke the Duffa' repeated subconsciously will eventually direct her to this. The 'Duffa' is easier to pass Journals state this! There is no smell and no adverse effects. It is just stage smoke with a high nicotine content and does not stain things and has no Tar content. Seriously, persuade her that it has a menthol content and sooths throats etc if she has a cold stating it is just vapor. Use high content cartridges or e-liquid and she will get hooked to this eventually. When using this she will be getting a higher intake of nicotine than from usual cigarettes. Each cartridge is equivalent to roughly 10 cigs and five minutes using it gives equiv nicotine to 2 to 3 cigs. She could be unaware if you play it carefully. The next step would be to persuade her to try real cigarettes by not ordering any new cartridges for the unit. If she is hooked on smoking an e-cig and there are no cartridges left then she will obviously crave the nearest thing - a real cig. The problem is with this, however, that I have been working on this for 6 months and have only just caught her trying the Duffa at night. She denied it to my face since is very anti smoking but she was doing it on the bed side when she thought I was sleeping. Leave it around the house in places she goes so the temptation is always there. Use the e-liquid if possible on its own to try to accellarate the process. She previously would not even kiss me after I had had a cig and made me shower immediately. Now she cuddles up to me and does not complain about the smell so something is working well. When I rig the e-cig in places she goes then go there after her, I can failntly smell the vapor and can see that the cig has indeed been moved. Maybe she won't admit her addiction to me immediately and will keep it secret for a while but eventually, as with real smokers you know that she will find it too hard to resist whilst in your company and ask for some??<br />
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Anyway, these are the only tips I can provide. Hope you find this useful.

How is that going?