Wife Might Be Starting To Smoke - Let's Hope.

My wife has known about my smoking fetish for over 25 years, and will occasionally smoke a marlboro light 100 for me. At one point, about 20 years ago, she offered to start smoking, but I turned her down, because I didn't want her to start doing it for me, when I knew she didn't really enjoy it, and she was concerned about the health aspects.

Just recently, we went out on 'date-night', and she smoked 3 cigarettes, and was really enjoying them and the power she has over me when she is smoking (Note: she wasn't even drinking). The next night, I surprised her with some cherry e-cigarettes I had been saving for a special moment. She tried them, and also seemed to enjoy them.

In planning out next date night, she caught me looking at Virginia Slim 120s web-sites, and just smiled.

We are both excited about our next date-night, and I hope she is finally starting to learn to enjoy the pleasures of smoking, and will begin to smoke more often.

I'm planning on getting her a choice of Capri 120's, Virginia Slims 120's, and More 120's to sample. I am also planning to visit some local bars to help her get comfortable with smoking in public.

Let's hope everything goes well.

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Just an update on my status. My wife and I have had three getaways, and she's smoked about 3 cigarettes for me each time. Then, this week, I came home from work, and she was in our bedroom having a cigarette. I was a little excited, to say the least.<br />
<br />
I asked her why, and she said she just was in the mood. <br />
<br />
Let's just hope this continues, because it has been really great for our sexual relationship.

I like my virginia slim 120 wishes in your quest..:)

Thanks...we are going out in a few weeks, and I think she is excited. I'm hoping to find a good pub where she can smoke in public, but she may not be ready for that yet. I'm hoping she will still like smoking in private or in the car, but we'll see.

It took me a while to work up the nerve to smoke in public...but it was a real turn on when I finally did...:)