Im a humiliation pig love being laughed at and called mean things brutal verbal abuse not into pain i love being sold cheap and cheated on used as a dumpster
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That's Ummm, can't think of a right word. I may have said to you "have you thought of getting help" However there are people that like to use others, humiliate them and make them feel bad. Do you think you can keep those people away from me please lol I like to be treated nice.

Y r u here then

I look at "explore experiences" so all sorts comes up amongst all sorts of other stuff. Don't you ever click on explore experiences? I think they randomly put stuff on it or its done on time posted, idk. It'd be boring to just read stuff on home and questions. Lots of people from all other groups can see lots of other groups posts in explore experiences so not just the humiliation people will see your posts. There's all sorts of random stuff there.

I don't click on sexual humiliation unless im into it i don't judge ur dumb *** experiences old ***** stfu about mine

1. I thought you liked humiliation. So knowing anyone can see your posts not just those searching humiliation can see your posts is kinda humiliating, you don't like that? 2.I was only joking, christ, does being into humiliation mean you have no sense of humour?

Go cry in ur pillow saggy *** *****

It's you that supposedly enjoys doing that. Seems to me you prefer to try to humiliate others than be humiliated. And I thought you didn't judge my experiences lmao I take it you have body issues to call me saggy as well as being a hypocrite with no sense of humour.

Im 21 lol ull be dead by the time mine really sag i like humiliation n i say w. e goes with it ur dumb

You have serious issues with age. I like being the age I'm at. And I'm looking forward to being older. All parts of life hold value. Sorry to read you're such a twisted up rageful person.

I think this is sexy tbh, such a turn on to have a woman like this

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