Ive Never Been Naked With Another Woman

i am writing this because i suddenly feel a desire to be with another woman..this is something totally new for me and im not sure how i feel about it, to be honest...Ive always enjoyed watching 2 women together but never really desired it for myself until now...maybe its my getting older ,or my tastes are changing or something ...i dont know..but as i wonder and sometimes fantasize about it all, i find that my fantasy girl is someone i dont already know..its done in total secret..and i dont think id want her to contact me afterwards..when i do think on it sometimes theres a male involved..sometimes not....i had a 3some once where it was 2 males and myself and that was magnificent...but i think id love a gentle romantic touch of a woman and would love to see if what drives me wild would also make her crazy..tell me about your first time...
Indygirl88 Indygirl88
36-40, F
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

i would love to be your first, read my story about my first time

I haven't done this but desire to. I wrote an erotic story titled The Viewer which is about a FFM ********* with the focus predominantly being on the girls :)

I've never been naked with another woman either, but the idea of it sure is exciting and one of my favorite fantasies. Just now I am losing my train of thought as I gaze at your luscious cleavage, Indygirl88!

I'm flattered thank you!

Love your story. I will be thinking of you tonight. I would love a little girl on girl with you.

You'd. Have to teach me...lol

I will be telling Tommy tonight about all of the things I can teach you. He gets really horny listening.

Ooo like!make sure you come back and fill me in!