My, How I Showed Off Today!

Today I had some errands to run, so I figured why not go sexy! I put on som stretch jean cut-offs, and a SHEER black top. I first went to the dept store to exchange a couple of things and found some cute, sexy tops. when I lleft, I parked in the back of the lot and took off my current black sheer top to put on an even sexier sheer black top--I had one person drive by slowly as I changed... This top is a black, one shoulder and wide elastic at midwaist, so it shows of both of my tats. After I left the dept store, I went to Mr. Car Wash and let them wash my car and wipe it out. They were super busy too! no shortage of men. although, there was one ole bitty givin me the look--shyt happens! there were so may customers I had to wait outside at the benches where the sunlight shone through the sheer black fabric. When the ole bitty cruised, this big black dude sat beside me and asked if I was havin a nice day--he was definately checkin out my headlights---oh yeah! I ran into some teenager I know that is graduating on Sunday, he treated me extra special--wonder why he was soooo nice? newayz, after that, I went to their other dept to get the oil changed, and the teenager I knew ran over to see if he could get me a discount! he is such a good kid, lol. While waiting for my oil change, there were three guys across from me...two were in their 30's and one in his 20's. The 20yr old kept averting his eyes from my obvious *******--you could SEE MY SKIN COLOR AND NIPPLES through my black summer top. The two 30 somethings had no problem staring me down! it was nerveracking, yet such a ******* turn on--I felt powerful because I knew they liked what they saw.
After that I went to the market to get strawberries for tonight's grad party-----I got lots of concerned looks from other customers. I saw the store manager, and he saw me too--he got real silent (was talking to 2 of his people) as I walked by. I used to go to highschool with him! I said hi, and kept goin.
I decided to push the envelope a little more for my last stop. I pulled over once more to change my top. This time I changed into a white tank top so sheer you could see the color of my pink nipples along with every texture of my nips. This SHYT WAS VERY VERY SEE THROUGH! I only had a 1/4 tank of gas, so I pulled over at the *** and Go (great name, huh?) and got out--lil nervous.... I pulled behind a young kid, I figured he'd appreciate a good show. I stepped out, did the credit card, ect... and stood there for a good five minutes with this completely sheer white tank--nipples erect and pink showing through! it felt sooooo good, nice cool breeze kept my nipples rock hard. Only men were at all the other stalls, and the one right across from me was cleaning the dogshyt outta his windsheild and kept throwing away paper towels at the trashcan nearest to me---so funny! I was lucky to have about six men pumpin their gas and staring me down like wolves----What a ******* turn on!!!! I may have to do it again Monday! luv it! I played with my nipples all the way home after that--feeling pretty sexy right about now.
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12 Responses May 11, 2012

Good story ! - Summer's coming soon and those sheer tops and teasing stops will make a lot of hardons and maybe even some happy housewives

Sucha tease lol.

Let karma intervene. You might find someone who'll tease you back

Getting me all hard reading this, wishing I was there to see those fabulous breasts

So exciting! I went through an automated carwash once in a really sheer white top, and it was ridiculous because I kept having to run in and out of the convenience store area for tokens and change and receipts and the guys just couldn't believe what a show they were getting. So mesmerizingly exciting to watch their eyes!

Hi Jill...... Could I pump your........... GAS?

I love it, you're such a sexy tease.

Hell, you got me hard just reading about what you did.

What a sexy story. Loved it!

Very hot! You're makin me stroke my ****!!! :)

Wow, sounds ******* hot, bet you had a hell of a time when you got home ;)

yea, short skirt, no panties..

i wish i can be there at the grocery store..

and heels:)

You really performed a community service today!