My Neighbor Looks Thru The Window

I visit a house in another country.  The house is on a white water rapid in the mountains.  It's a very small a tranquil town.  The closest neighbor is about a 100 yards away.  They are a very nice family.  There son is 23 years old and he helps maintain the property that I stay in.  Over the years we have gotten to know him pretty well and he stops by almost every night when he rides his bike back from work.  He's like clockwork, we can expect him at a very predictable time each night.

My wife and I were fantasizing about her leaving the curtains open in the room and changing at the time he arrives.  We talked about how much of a rush we would get if we had a few beers with him knowing he had just seen my wife naked.

We ended up trying it and it took a few nights for him to actually realize he could see her and she was naked.  We ended up having her turn on the lights at the precise moment he came in the gate to draw his attention.  And boy did it!  I was in the bathroom with the lights out so I could see him.  It looked as though his eyes were going to pop out of his head.  It only lasted a few moments, my wife dressed and came out of the room, not knowing that it had worked this time. I told my wife he saw her and she was shy but turned on and he acted nervous the whole night.

The next few nights I would go to the bathroom to watch for him and he would arrive and always wait outside to see if he would see her again. the property is dark and night so her would lean by the tree next to our room.  We didn't do anything for about 3 days, but my wife would dress a bit too sexy to turn him and me on.  We never let on that we were doing anything on purpose.

The last night we came up with a plan.  I was going to hide outside further than where he hides.  That way I could see him watching her and I would also be able to see her for myself!  I found a spot where he would definitely not see me and I waited.  When he finally got there I text my wife from outside letting her know he was there.  See started slowly brushing her hair in the bedroom mirror, then see slowly changed into her sexy little night gown.  See looked amazing and I was so incredibly nervous.  My heart was racing and my **** was as hard as a rock. Then I noticed he started grabbing at his jeans.  Wow! He was getting really hot just watching her change Through the window.  I immediately text her to let her know he was grabbing his jeans cuzz she looked so hot.  I even saw her grab the phone read the message and giggle.

I thought the show was over since that all we talked about her doing but I guess she got horny and started playing with the straps of her nightie and started touching and caressing her breasts.  I sent her another text saying "Wow, your beautiful!"  Then her hands went inside her panties and she lightly touched herself.  Just a few minutes later she grabbed her sleeping blindfolds and got in bed.  She piled up the pillows so she would be in an upright position.  She put the blind folds on and started to **********.  She left the night on but pulled her top down and took her panties off.  She likes to play with her nipples while she fingers herself.  What a show!  Her legs could not have been any more spread.  I was a ways behind him and I could see her fingers in her *****.  He was right outside the window, so his view was incredible.

I forgot to mention that the seconded she started caressing herself, before getting in bed, he had already pulled his **** out of his pants and was ******* it hard while spying on my wife.  I think I had my **** out the second he grabbed his pants.  He came the second my wife came and he ran off and never came over that night. My wife didn't know he left and she kept fingering herself and came 3 more times!  I never told her he left.

So basically, I got off, watching someone get off, by watching my wife. 

 If you read this story please leave comments.  I think Im a terrible writer so I would like to know if you liked our fun and games.  All my stories are true and not fictional.

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That's a hot story, wish I could stand outside your window and watch your sexy wife!

I love it

Wow absolutely awesome. Love when they get carried away and go further than they plan

loved it did some thing similar a long ti,e back but love watching the wife turn a man on and get him off mmakes for lots of fun

Your story its really good and your wife keeps on giving she also made me *** real good, so your story did the job. Thanks

You are good writer and your story was very exciting it was great reading


That is beautiful! I would love it.

very hot story. i would love to watch my wife do the same type of show.

I wish I could see such a show.

Wow soo hot literally made my **** hard!

You're lucky couple! Great story, thanks!

I have very similar stories about my wife!!! Add me!!!

amazing story!

Super hot story. Just jizzed all over myself. LOL. Thanks.

incredible story, we both loved it. Sper hot!!! more please and read ours and tell us what you think, My wife and I do the same things, what a turnon for both of us. J&M

Did she ever let him touch her? Love the story!

For a terrible writer, Your story gave me a *****. Good job, pal.

that is so damn hot!

I really liked the story, it gets me going because it is a true story. It is so much compelling me and my wife to do the same.....

What a hot story. We have set up something very similar.

Great story, I love it how you watched the watcher, I can see how that would be a real turn on.

sounds awesome mac

nice story.... any new plan ....

i wish i could see your wife too..

That is very hott, and I would like to hear you go futher, and maybe catch him, and say that you need to have him go tell her he's sorry...and begin a private show for him when your wife says it''s alright, and you watch from the window!

Awesome story. I would love to watch your wife **********. She sounds very sexy. I would love to see pics of her.

Give your address so that next time we all can join you ;) poor lady

this is just leg wetting hot.. could you add me so i can see your pics ?

Awesome story!!!

Love the story its kinda similar to a plan we set up for a business partners young teen son. Every now and again we have him come to our home and clear the debri from our gardens, clean windows etc just to help him with his collage fees and beer money for the weekends.<br />
He is 17 very slim but fit so obviously my wife finds him quite sexy. and often practices her spanish with him, my wife is and always has been a terrible flirt, not that i mind as it sometimes turns me on especially if she wears real short dresses which she often does. <br />
The day i was talking about she had on the shortest skirt i have seen and was sitting talking to our young friend whilst i was outside but could see them clearly, she got up and walked over to our dresser and bent down to get a book to show our young friend as she did he bent his head down to grab a better look at that time the wife did not know what had just happened until i told her. We often spoke about giving him a proper show, <br />
We asked him if he wanted to come round next weekend to earn some extra money and maybe have a swim in the afternoon, which he agreed. <br />
On the saturday morning he showed up at 7.30am we was still in bed and heard him getting stuff from the shed, i said nothing to my wife as she was still asleep so i got up made a cup of tea and chatted to our young friend , i told him that my wife was just getting up and going to take a shower which had almost clear glass and was covered by a large bush directly outside the window so a perfect peeping spot, I told him i was going out for an hour and that when he sees my wife to let her know. I also said you will know when she is up and taking a shower the light will be on and the window slightly open to let the steam out. Hoping i had said enough i crept to the front of the house and woke my wife up saying that he was working in the back garden and that you always take a shower straight away, and left it at that. I hid in the garage until the light in the bathroom went on waiting hoping that our little friend wanted to take a better look at my slim and sexy wife.<br />
Sure enough as soon as the light came on he quickly walked over and behind the shrubs. After about 10 mins i went in through the front door and into the bathroom, my wife was standing in front of the mirror drying her hair, although i couldnt see if he was watching i assumed he was so i started to gently caress her shoulders then put my hands in front squeezing her small but firm breasts hoping he was watching, i made out i would be back in a few minutes but quickly went outside to see if he was working or still at the window but he was working. We never said anything until yesterday but thats another story. Depending on the replies will tell what happened next, its absolutely true and really did happen

i love the story

I have set it up for a few different guys to peep at my wife (none at the same time) they all got to see all of her naked. Some I was doing her in the ***, making her dance naked, suck me, or I was spanking her good & etc. She never knew any of them were watching us. To me thats a turn on. I have some other plans to do to her secretly.

Sounds great and I love it when my wife is seen dressing or undressing. I try to set up as many things as possible to get people to see her t it s or lovely p in k sli t. I know she does lots of things when she thinks I am not around but she has no idea how much I like it.......I know that she really fancies a person that visits our house from time to time to do with my work. I have organised ways that he will arrive at my place and I have called to say I am running late and know she wil do things with him there. Once I went to work and she was wearing trousers etc. I called to say I could not get back to meet him but watched as he arrived and she opened the door in a very short skirt and blouse showing her t i ts. ...LOVE IT

nice story

Yes I have done simularly with my wife. She would never let anyone see her naked if she knew but I have set it so she could be secretly seen and I really enyoyed that.

What a great story. Nothing as intoxicating as knowing you are appreciated in many forms :-)

very nice.. sounds hot. i love watching a woman get herself off so i can enter a slick wet *****

Fantastic and very sexy story. My younger wife and I often do this with strangers ..

Fantastic story! I would love to be added to your circle please.

So now you've got to let the neighbor see her in short skirt.. no panties.. or perhaps have him in for a beer and you start feeling her up while he's watching!

Yeah but we prettended that we didn't know anything and just enjoyed how he looked at my wife differently. I loved know that he's talking to my wife thinking about her ************ and she got wet talking to him too.