The Vicious Cycle

When my husband and I made the decision to begin receiving general assistance, we were thinking it would be a one year thing just to get us going. We thought it would be a simple process and that it would be behind us before we knew it. We were very wrong. The problems began the day we applied. I remember the hassle we had to go through just to submit an application because we were under eighteen. Even though we were married, and even though we were considered adults in the sate of California, we still were treated like children and refused services. When our son was born we were able to receive food stamps, which were a blessing. My husband worked and we were barely able to pay the rent none the less put food on the table. Eventually my husband lost his jobs. They were seasonal positions and he was not needed anymore. We were forced to move out of the county and had to restart everything in our new home. Finally we were treated like adults. The new county recognized that we had been wronged and put us on cash aid immediately. Now that things were sorted out we thought it would be simple for my husband to start working. Not so much. We had moved to a rural region in which work was scarce. Our son was one by the time he found a job at a Wal Mart distrubution center, but this was also seasonal work. As soon as he was no longer needed they let him go. We decided to move again, seeing as there was no work and we were being harassed by our neighbors. We moved to our current location and set a plan for ourselves. He would find a good job and I could go to school. We would get off of government assistance and become self sufficient. He now has a job, but it is not in our town and he has to live 100 miles away. I am still on aid, and it is making my life very difficult. My rent is currently unpaid because they had to stop my payments in order to change counties once again. I wish I didn't have to deal with these agencies and people who don't really care, but until my husbands job starts paying off I have no choice. Right now it looks like I still have several months before we can be independent. To me it feels like forever. I feel like less of a person sometimes because I cannot take care of myself and my son. I can't imagine how my husband feels. With luck and God's grace he will be able to keep this job, and we will be entirely self sufficient soon. Then maybe I can go to school and get a job of my own. I will admit that without welfare we probably would have gone homeless, but I still wish there had been a better option for us. I would never advise a young family to take this route. It is much better to be independent, and especially when you are dealing with the government.
motherofzeno motherofzeno
18-21, F
May 9, 2012