So. You want to hear about my ****** up life? Well, where do I begin? When I was 7 i was diagnosed with clinical depression. when I was nine my pop pop died. about 6 m ago i delevoped panic disorder of some type a pa everyday since. So yah
now i cut myself.
Burn myself.
and im working on being anorxtic...
anything to do to help?
does anyone give a hell?
 cux right now suside looks pretty damn greatt.
asshole26 asshole26
2 Responses Jul 8, 2011

Write about your depression and take out your anger in a boxing ring or punching bag. Learn new hobbies and traits. Makes new friends and make close friends into family. I have close buddies that I now call brothers. This life is gonna be over sooner or later, so enjoy it while your here with love, joy and PARTY!

There is a better way, if you have gone through all these horrible things then it's not your fault. I think your like me, one of the few people in this world who can see life for what it really is, a game. All those other losers obese and sad living ther lives like it's all the have got but people like us can deliver to them the punch line of life also known as death its people like us who should lead this world