So my question to all of you is how can a person who does nothing hurtful or harmful to anyone during a 24 hours period get yelled at every two seconds without real reason? That’s the situation I am forced to live in everyday. I wake up mind my business and watch a video the next minute I’m getting told to go clean something I finish then the next second I forgot a corner then I finish that corner the next second after making multiple trips to and from the area I didn’t clean it at all smh this is the world’s crappiest living space and luckily soon I’ll be out of it because I’m graduating this year and I’ll be homeless I honestly rather that then my present arrangement that by the way was not my choice instead it was the choice of a crappy mother if I had my choice id rather stuck it out in a foster home or shelter somewhere because this is hell. No matter what I do or say I’m wrong and that seems to be the only thing to me the WRONG nothing I do that’s good is ever pointed out just the FLAWS I need to get out of here. HELP IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANY SHELTERS NEAR HERE LET ME KNOW
Tasia2494 Tasia2494
18-21, F
Jun 10, 2012