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...A Journey...

Here I am, I live at home, in the same old town, doing the same old routine every day...nothing extremely exciting...I want to just go, not becuase of anything bad...I just want to find more than this...I want to find myself, to connect with myself on a more spritual level...

One of these days, I just want to disappear...until I can tell myself who I am, and truly know myself...

I'd return, I've friends who would kill me if I didn't...but latley those same people just seem to be...hinderances, not to be mean...I just think a journey, an adventure is what I need...



7HIR7YS3V3N 7HIR7YS3V3N 18-21, M 6 Responses Apr 18, 2007

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I hope u have by now.

your story is the exact same as mine. i feel there is somthing inside me that just needs to go. to get outta here and do somthing with my self. i just can not stand the day to day routine anymore.

I type the phrase, "I want to get out of this place", into the google search engine and this page appeared. It is funny how you (or any one for that matter) feel you may be the only one in the world who feels this way. I am finishing up my senior year of college and still have no clue who I really am or what I really am. We all need to discover ourselves and find a way to fullfill our "inner" selves. A change in lifestlye or new scenery may be a help to you, I, or anyone who feels this way. In order to discover our true feelings of contentment, we need to drop the “dis” from “discontentment”; and moving on may just be the answer.

I have felt that way. The world is full of adventure and you can often work your way around the costs of rent and food. If not, you can always go home. Stay safe, it's kind of crazy out there. Why not check into volunteer vacations?

Leave now! Who are your so-called friends to stop you from having fun. I find it easy to make friends when I move around. Old friends get stale and boring. <br />
Enjoy a new landscape, climate and culture. Then another and another!

I say...GO FOR IT. Being in the same town for years can bring you down...and it is important to understand yourself...then you can understand everything else better...may the force be with you...7 her 77....(Don't look back)