I live in the fiery pits of hell called Mississippi. I want out! I want a life that doesn't consist of living paycheck to paycheck then coming home to an empty fridge. I don't want to live next to criminals and backstabbers. I want quality entertainment for adults with affordable prices. I don't like that everyone knows everyone's family and business. I want strangers that I can make into friends
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22-25, F
1 Response Nov 19, 2012

pay up your debts, save just a little, and get out, dont look back. children? other obligations?

I don't have debts or children

i dont want to leave where i am now but cannot leave because of debts, financially you're in a better position than i am. you can still live paycheck to paycheck somewhere else. i was in a similar situation before, i left, things got alot better for me. where do you want to go?

Anywhere but here. I want a more interesting life

you're still young, you got this...

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