Living In A Group Home

Well, it all started out when I punched my mom on the shoulder. I didn't even leave a bruise or make her say "ow", but my sister called the cops anyways. I laid on the couch and then the cops came. I cried as they arrested me. Then I stayed in jail for three days. I found out my mom put a five year restraining order against me. That's when I had to move to Elahan Place. After they took away the laptops, I met a guy there named Alex and we got high together. He got kicked out. After he left, I tried to run away a second time. All my stuff was jacked by a random car. The third time I tried to run away, I was almost raped by a russian pimp. I ran into someone's house and told them to call the cops, who took me to Telecare. That's a mental hospital. I stayed there for nine days and agreed to go back to Elahan. This is probably the worst year of my life. Anyways, while there I had to deal with a girl that threw Scrabble letters and screamed, a girl that constantly peed all over [and sometimes ****], and a spoiled brat. I sadly had my first kiss there with a guy that only likes me when he's drunk. I wanted it to be with the guy from Green Day. :( Anyways, now I live at Ridgeville and I can use my laptop whenever I want. Ridgeville is just another group home. Hopefully, I can get an apartment with that boy I kissed or move back in with my mom. She plans on dropping the restraining order in January. I'll probably have to spend Christmas here all alone.
killtheleaf killtheleaf
18-21, F
Dec 21, 2012