I Need Advice

I moved back to my home county after living in a different place with a completely different culture and a different society and now I feel like I don't belong. I'm glad I have my family to souport me but being in school and trying to make friends is so difficult. If you knew me you can't say that I don't try hard enough because trust me...I try. I tried changing the way I act, to their typical way but it was too much pressure. I try so hard but I guess my so called friends weren't my friends after all. I feel like I don't belong and I want out! I want to start over in a place that people understand and are like me.it shouldent be this hard to have friends that like me. It should not be a burden as it is and I don't want to be one to them.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Maybe people sense you are trying to be someone you are not. Try to find peace with who you are and spend some time to try be just that, without carring what other people think.
Most of the time people that are friend-material will find you, and otherwise: why spending energy trying to pretend you are one of them while they all suck anyways?