Trapt In A Life Of Normality

All my life the single fear i have had that has burned so darkly within my mind has been that great terror of leading a normal life, of being "ordinary" and having normal hopes, normal dreams, normal ambitions, normal thoughts and views.

I dont want to be normal, i dont want to lead a normal life, i dont want to go through the system and then come out of it just to fit somewhere safely doing a job i hate, making a family and just "getting by" without doing anything until i finally die having done nothing and being forgotten forever.

I go through university, i know its pointless, i know that when i come out of it all i will have is more paper telling me that i went through the system so i can get a job, any kind of job. University means **** now and i'm down here at the bottom but i feel as if i shouldn't be.

I wasn't meant for that life and my soul is screaming at me to get out of it, escape before i'm absorbed completely and become nothing more than a statistic. I'm not talking about fame, no celebrites are also trapped but i have a talent that i'm damn good at and i've got thoughts spilling across my mind, i can't contain them at all. If i dont escape from the life society wants for me, i will die inside. I will do everything i can to make sure that this never happens, that i never lose my soul and that i never settle for "getting by" or "making do"
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I hope you don't stop searching

Best advice i have is just suck it up for the last few years you have of uni then when your out find something you are truly passionate about and go for it