I Wish To Get Over My Crush.

I liked him for his looks and personality. He was friendly with me in the beginning, but later started moving away. But I'm here having him in my mind all the time. He doesn't like me back. I have told him that I like him. He made it clear that he doesn't. So, when I stopped talking to him, he starting being nice again to me and I, like a fool, let him know that I was still interested in him. He avoids me and my phone calls. :(.It hurts. How do I show him that I no longer am interested in him and that I am done with him? Also, how do I really et over him? Please help. It hurts.
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hi! I'm just having the same problem and was looking over the net for someone like me, and found his page!<br />
meenasuvari, how are you now? hopefully have go over the problem?<br />
<br />
well, let me share mine, I suddenly felt something for my friend+classmate Utsho.......and man I dunno why! He was noticing changes in me and asked- what has happened......then asked if I'm in love..........I said I have a crush! Months after he asked who's that, I told him its him<br />
well, I know he doesn't like me that way. Nor even I want a relationship with him.........I know he's not the perfect guy for me.........he's a celebrity here and I don't want someone like that!<br />
dunno what to do,. We have to study together for like 4 more years :) and its hard having him around. The moment I see him I start feeling uneasy.............but he's one of my closest friends and how can I not see him!<br />
well, my classes are off for next 45 days and I'm thinking of not seeing him by then........hope I can and I get over :( its getting painful everyday!

Hey summerwind! How are you? Thanks once again for the wonderful advice. I am going to use it and it makes sense to me. I was thinking today and figured something out. I was being selfish, dear. I did not like him really I was the one who wanted some attention from him for which I made me mind believe that I liked him. I know the truth-I don't really like him, I just like him for his physique, to be honest. He is just a crush. This is why he does not like me back because I'm not his friend. We all like people who are friendly and caring. I was so ashamed of myself when I found that out, about my selfish motives :(, but I'm glad that I was and am honest to myself to have accepted the truth. I feel much lighter and happier. I need to be friends first with guys and then take it further from there. Don't you agree? :) God bless!! Take care.

I think to get over someone you just have to distract yourself from thinking about them and direct your thoughts elsewhere. Instead of thinking of them specifically think you would like to meet someone who has the traits that attracted you to them.

Hawkinator, I agree with you. It's going to be hard. I did that once with him, (I've mentioned it above that I stopped talking to him) and he was nice to me again and I couldn't help but start talking again, like a fool. This time though I'm going to exercise all my will power and try to sever all ties with him. But the funny thing is that he is the one who is showing that he is trying to cut all ties with me. :(. Thanks for the wonderful reply here.

i have basically the same problem, the girl i love used me and then told me that she didnt like me as more than a friend, but i cant stop thinking about her, and we are friends, but it hurts so much. Im sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but there is no easy or quick way to get over someone, ive been in this situation for 8 months now and it hasnt got better once. You wont like the answer im gonna give you but its the only one that will work, and its going to be hard. You should cut all ties with this person, because if they are in your life they are impossible to get over, and i can tell you that for a fact. its going to be hard and very long, but cut all ties with him, and try to find someone else, thats the best i can do to help, sorry