That Damn Jasper

I know I shouldn't still miss my ex fiance especially since I'm the one that wanted space, I've even got a new boyfriend, and somehow it's always in my face. I don't know how everything happened. It's been nearly 5 months now and I still can't get him out of my head. I take a shower, I remember the night we died our hair together. I lie awake at night, I remember our engagement party. I get sick, I remember how he used to hold me and make me feel better. He was so torn up when I left. He just never shut up about how much he was sorry. The second I moved after trying to off myself (which he was scared to death and wanted to be there with me.) The text messages, fb statuses about me and all communication stops. I can't believe this. How could he? Especially when it was I who wanted space. He don't even treat me like a friend anymore. What happens now.
AthenaWilliams AthenaWilliams
18-21, F
May 24, 2012