Help Me For The Sake Of My Boyfriend And I's Relationship.

Hello Everyone,

I'm Tai. I am 18 and every much afraid of Rottweilers. My boyfriend recently bought a German Sheppard mixed with Rottweiler. I'm so afraid I don't want to go over his house anymore because the dog is there. It is a three month old girl named, Panzer. I told him I'm not going over anymore because of the dog. He says just give her a chance to meet her. I say no because of my experience from when I was 7 years old I was totally innocent when my grandmas 7 month old Rott attacked me in the face for no reason. I needed 8 stitches and I almost died. Therefor, I'm affected by that. I'm so scared. He's telling me to get over my fear but it isn't easy. What should I do? IF I even attempt to look at the dog my heart races and I begin to get teary eyed. He says in so many words if I can't get over my fear... We can't be together because I won't ever be over his house. Please help!!
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if you were beat up by a human would you stay away from them? No, because not all humans are mean, and not all dogs are vicious, just be cautious.

That might be just some different mad dog...dogs are humen's best friends...they like friendship.the dog attact you might be feeling unsafe at that are young enough to deal with are just one step behind from touching a dog..go for it...make him friend...or try to watch some movies of dog heroes.