The Past Is Over But That Doesn't Mean It's Gone

Isn't that really the only way to get better?

My past has held me back in a lot of ways before. When talking about myself with others, I've found it difficult to open up about everything. There are some parts of my past that I still can't help flashing back to. I just get back in the moment, in the feeling, and sorta lose sight of present day. The past is so powerful in that way. It's as though it exists in another dimension and one misstep or wrong move can send you out of the current dimension, present day, and to a dimension you're... already familiar with.

I guess there is really no cure for the past. You can't erase it--it has in some way greatly impacted the way you are now. You can't forget it--experiences shape you. You can't change it--it's in the PAST. It's already happened. It's already ended. It's like you have reached the last page in your diary; if you want to keep going, you have to start a new one.

Thinking of it in this way has helped me come to terms with my past. It lingers sometimes but the trick is to think of each thing you do as one step forward. It's not a step AWAY from anything, it's just forward. You're not trying to escape the past, you're just trying to keep going in spite of it.
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

what you wrote has really helped me, i am alike you, as are many people we all seem to have a past that linger's around like a bad smell when all you want to do is inhale the fresh roses. what you have wrote is an insperation and all i have to say is thankyou.

I have been going through a lot of the same things you have. The past never "goes away," we just have to learn to accept it to make the present day easier.

What u have written has given me thought of what is, was, and now!!