Well my story is different... There was this guy i met.. I loved him ever since the start and he loved me back. He was goign to ask me out a few weeks later but then he met this girl. Her name is Kindra. Shes such a *******. i really hate her. She asked Chriss [the guy i love] out. He said yes. They went out and me and all of his friends are telling him shes gonna hurt you and all this stuff about her because we know she will. He doesnt care. The first time they broke up it was because she thought he was "fake" [we met over the internet] She was really stupid and liek all the sudden he was fake? like wtf. It was like a week, if that and there done. He didnt let go and they ended up getting back together. Me and all his friends were like pissed at him and his stupidness. haha. Then, she broke up with him a second time. We all met on a website. You go into rooms and like chat with people and whatever. If you want to know more just go to the site. Anyway, she got mad because Chriss was in the room with me and his/my friend and wasnt with her. She got pissed at him. She ended up breaking up with him, again. I met her before and me, all my friends, and all Chriss's friends hate her. She knew i loved him and he loved me so you know what she said to me? Well now that me and Chriss are over you can have him. He obviously loves you more and some other rude things. Then, later THAT DAY she got back together with him. After all the things she said to me! So Yesterday she broke up with him for another guy that she knows in real life. She made him feel really bad and was like yeah, were making out and blah blah blah. His brother told me that he always says he loves me and yeah but i just dont know. His brother told me that when she broke up with him he cried and was really sad and he just acts like hes okay. Later that night [last night]  he asked me out though. I said yes. When he went out with kindra his myspace status was always i love youuuu kindraa and with me its been "How long will it last </3 Oh jeeze, this isn't good. D:" I dont know why its like that so i sent him a message on myspace. He said Uhh, Nothing. I love you too baybe.       But i think its something. I think he wants to get back together with Kindra and really doesnt love me back. You tell me? I need help to get him over kindra.    He still has up this whole paragraph with kindras picture saying I want you and only you at the end. Whats with that! :[         I want to be the one and only. I dont want to break up with him. Just get him over kindra...

Sammi911d Sammi911d
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

You will never get him over her. He must be willing to move on for himself, by himself.<br />
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Even if you pour love all over him and are the most wonderful woman in the world, he will love her until he doesn't love her any more.<br />
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I am sorry. Find someone else who can love you back.