I Want It Bad

I've been looking at pie/cake in the face and gunge videos for years, however I have only messed myself up a handful of times and long to do it with someone else. It gets me aroused... I can't explain it... but I love it :-)
I'm 31 years old in Sydney, Australia, seeking those who have similar interests.
PhillyinSydney PhillyinSydney
31-35, M
4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Damn. Wish u were several thousand miles closer :-(

Yes - me. Although I'd prefer a female.

do you have skype? i'd love to pie myself with an audience

Sure do! :-)

lets get together then. i'd love to take a few in the face for you

i love being pied. the arousal i get is like no other. just need somebody other than myself to do the pieing