I Love My Boyfriend, But...

I'm getting married with my boyfriend soon, in next year. I love him and he loves me. I hope, we can nice family. And I want to get pregnant. But not with him, but the black man. I always like a bi-racial babies, i want one for myself too. At least one. How do I explain it to my boyfriend/husband that, I do not cheated on him, just want to get pregnant a black man's seed? I would be so glad. My moms says, the father is not the father of a baby who breeds, it is who is raising a child. I be sure to my boyfriend can be a good father to our baby. I want to find a good, nice, intelligent and strong, and older black male, who impregnant me. It would be so wonderful, if I'm pregnant with black man, and I can be proud of and so happy mom. But I'm afraid that my boyfriend does not understand me...How do I explain it to him?
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Just tell the truth simple as that and that simple if he loves u like u say it hurt but he should understand im a blk man that wants a baby by white woman, if my girlfriend cant handle it oh well thats makes me happy its about wht makes us happy peace

Just tell the truth simple as that and that simple if he loves u like u say it hurt but he should understand im a blk man that wants a baby by white woman, if my girlfriend cant handle it oh well thats makes me happy its about wht makes us happy peace

I he loves you, he'll understand. I know I would. Heck, I'd probably encourage it. But I wouldn't what you go the artificial insemenation route. I'd much rather you do it the old fashion way, everyday until you have a positive test. Just to make sure it works.


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First if you and your boy friend can't talk about this then a marraige will not last. You must be honest with him and he with you. So you need to find out before walking down the isle that you both can be honest and open.

Next once he has been told of your desires then find a black partner that is married. Swap partners until you are pregnant with a black child and his wife is also pregnant with a whilte child.

a father is the ***** donor, a Dad is the man who is there for the raising and nurturing of the child

just give your ***** to the black man your majesty.

just give your ***** to the black man your majesty.

artificial insemination is a way to overcome this

yeah.. i agree with elpapito.. if you want another mans baby then don't be with your bf. and a black guy just because he's"big". disgusting. and all you white men who encourage this vile is equally disgusting. seriously. stop being *******. and you. you're a gorgeous white girl. be proud of being white. it's not racist to be proud to be white. Let your baby have the same opportunity to be proud to be white.
psh. black baby. people are so annoying. "oh he's black. must have a big ****." smh

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Hope you succeed

all of you are some dumb pieces of zhit.... you dont have to be black to have a big ****, I'm a Chicano and been told my many that I'm the biggest they ever had including black women. so all this bbc crap is a bunch of B.S. personally if I was your man and you told me something like that, I will be gone from your life faster than you can think.

I'm the some I marred a white man but I love black ****

This is a natural desire but it might be hard ti get your boyfriend to accept it.

I seems like that your boyfriend is not going to like your idea

have your bf contact my hubby on our PM and he will explain things to him.

another option .........
adopt one black man baby......

If you do it dont expect him to stay with you maybe he would be willing to adobt a black baby but I dont know any man that will let his lady have sex with another guy and if all you really want is a black baby adobtion should be good enough for you. Unless what you really want is just to be ****** by a black guy and if that is the case you should not be getting married anyways

I was basically gonna say this as well. I wouldn't ever want my girl (if I had one) to sleep with another man no matter the reason nor would I want her to do it by a clinic. I would want the child to have my blood, it feels different that way.

go for it!!

its only natural... women want to breed and have babies with the strongest and that's black men...

use white men for raising, emotional, and financial support and black men for their sexual prowess and genes.

your bf will probably support you with a bit of encouragement, just remember if you've never been blacked...you most likely will get addicted...

and its ok to tell him you want it for the sexs to ..most guys understand

Lol white women scare me

If you have never talked about you having sex with other men with your husband; it may be too much of a shock for him to hear you tell him you want a black man's baby.
I think you should start dressing and acting slutty. See if your future husband enjoys you looking and acting like a ****. Start watching **** with your future husband. Start with 1 man with 1 woman ****, then add in ********, *** in woman's *****, where you can see the man's *** in a wide open *****. Then watch a black man filling a woman's **** with his *** and see his *** dripping from her ****. Next add a movie showing a black man trying to impregnate a white woman, and then a married white woman while her lucky husband watches. In all of these movies, including the last movie of the white wife being ****** by a black man that is trying to put his black baby in her ****, with her husband's happy support, you must tell your husband how excited you are and that you very much want to be that woman and have a black man's baby for you and your future husband to raise. Play with and suck his **** and lick his ******* while you watch these movies with him so that he associates pleasure with his wife being used and impregnated by a black man.
Good luck and I hope your future husband will support and be happy with your choice to have a black man's baby.

let him see you being ********** by 5-6 black men: one image is worth thousands words, you know

Don't hurt him tell him how u feel. Or simple just be with a black man x

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Make sure he is very well endowed too. It means everything

I dont blame you! I will too. You are beautiful, so fo it. He may get upset but he will never leave you. I want to have a child with a strong very very well endowed black man so my child will be huge and attractive to pretty white girls, jus sayn!

Just tell him now what you want. My wife was pregnant from another guy when we married and I accepted it. Not saying your guy will but if he does, you will get what you want.

i can paint my self in black color :) he will understand that just if you let him to **** a black girl... and you **** black guys...

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

REALLY??? LMFAO at all the dudes on here thying to impregnate you over the internet.... You should have children with the man you plan on being with it would be hard on the child to grow up in an all white family n eventually they will wanna know who their real dad is... if u want bi racial babies marry a blk guy... I go on google to look up why my bi racial son looks like he has blk lip liner on all the time n this is what it gives me!!! the things you find on the interwebs LOL!!!!

well am ready for you baby

i wanna be the bbc to impregnate u too cutie

Well sonja you sound like you know what you want,im a father of a lovely little girl im not with the mother any more.But if you wud like to see pictures of me and my lovely little daughter im willing to show you what you can have :).

I don't know of a boy who will understand. I think you need to get him 'into' the idea. Want to talk about it? Send me a message

it is a wonderful thing to do and i am hoping it will happen to me too

The real issue is not whether you or your husband wants a black or 'Metisse' child,it's the child you need to consider.Growing up in a loving environment will be great,being cherished and pampered too,but think of the possible racial differences when the child becomes an adult,try and project into the future your desires for the whole family and then you will be able to choose wisely a good father,both natural and with your future husband.Remember that the ream father may claim to see the child later on in life too,this should be considered unless the child comes from and anonymous doner.
One way to have an anonymous doner is to have 4 or 5 black men come to make love to you all at once on a regular basis until you finally get pregnant,perhaps your boyfriend or future hubby to be will enjoy the show!!!!

I am a black man,well partly,as my parents were mixed already.My Mother half Indian and Venezeulian,my Father was an American,half Cherokee and African,all my children are 'Metisse' with two different French Mothers,and I think that my children too will produce 'Metisse' children.
This is the real question,that when you're 65 and surrounded by your Grandchildren,sons and daughters of mixed race,this will be the magic moment for you and your husband.

So think carefully,I'm right behind you,well not physically,but totally behind your generous manner of thinking.Look at your President,maybe one of your children will become the first woman President of America,and you'll be the mother! WOW!

Most black men do really care for their offsprings so you might not just get the seed and forget him.I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
As I am living and working in France,if ever you visit Paris I'd be happy to help out in your quest for a good stock father,obviously I'd be a perfect candidate being of a healthy disposition,never ill,5 wonderful kids,53,creative,witty and my partners say that I'm an inventive lover.You certainly won't get bored when making your new child with me.....opps did I propose too be the father already!

You can always choose from a ***** clinic and keep everyone happy if your future husband agrees. Or adopt like brad and angela. If you just want a good deep penertration.....

Why do you choose to marry a white boy when you clearly prefer to **** Black Men?