My Clock It Ticking

I am not married yet and that is pretty much the only thing stopping me at this point.  Oh ya, and my bf is not ready.  I often have dreams about getting pregnant.  I would love to have a baby to hold and love.  I am also 25 so I do not have a whole lot of time since my bf wants 3 or more kids.  He doesn't understand that it takes time.  If I happen to accidentally get pregnant, I would be nervous but I definitely wouldn't be upset about it.  Hopefully he will marry me soon so that I can get started making a family! 
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Any luck yet?

Hi, I'm a 24 year old single male based in London who wants a baby of his own, if any women are interested please get in touch so we can discuss this further. Thanks x

Dreams sometimes come through

Hey I'm very interested in having sex with you and impregnating you. I'm Luc. I'm 22 years old, single, 6'2, Mexican and White, a little big myself and live in LA, California.

I will help any women getprenant. i like to give women babies.

Hi ladies if you are truly wanting a baby in your arms then reply and give me an email i can reply to.<br />
<br />
From there I will give you mine, we can trade pics and take things from there.<br />
<br />
Kisses :)

May I help? Lol

My boyfriend doesn't want one with me either, and I'm dying for one it's my dream I feel like I'm waisting my life away it takes 9 months to have a baby which is almost a year of waiting and I'm not being allowed to have what I want just because he doesn't want one I feel used every time we have sex. I feel like I'm giving him what he wants but I'm not getting anything out of it

I can give you one if that's what you really want.

I hope you by this time you are married and have a baby God bless you

Yes I do think about times that I would not be in the mood to have a baby or have the time but I think that once I would have one, I would be so happy to devote all my time and energy to him or her.