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I think this is one of the most wonderful reasons why being a woman is so much fun. You are a nurturer and a cradle of life. I consider motherhood and womanhood as a blessing. My version of feminism is different from the kind of feminism that you will get to read in books, magazines and most of the websites. For me, feminism is not about gender bending. It is about giving the same importance to women and empowering them. It is about empowering the female or the womb power and making women love themselves for who they are.

Women can do sports, manage a business, take leadership roles, and excel in fields outside the home. But you can never compare them to men. They are different from them, yet they are equals. Women are the cradles and nurturers of life. Men are designed to protect it.

Some people ask, why is there a limited opportunities for women when it comes to some fields like the military? Why aren't women allowed in direct combats? Why don't they allow females in the U.S. Navy seals? Why is it that the Navy, Marine and the Airforce are so sexist and chauvinist?

Number 1: Military fields are not sexist. They are just being realistic.

Number 2: Can a 100 pound female soldier lift a 180 pound wounded male soldier in the battle field?

Number 3: What will happen to the human race if the females are killed in the battle, just because they are placed in direct combat? I think that's the easiest way to eradicate a race from the face of the earth. You kill first the females, then the children... and figure out if you can copulate with your fellow male soldiers.

I think it is high time for us, women, to accept the fact that men in general, excel in these fields better than us. They are more physically able, taller and bigger. I'm not saying that we are inferior. We are just different. Our bodies are designed to NURTURE life. Besides, placing women in direct combat is violence against women. It is NOT empowerment.

Real feminism is about balance. The female and male powers should be balanced. I don't believe in a matriarchal or a patriarchal society. For me, the womb and phallic powers should harmoniously dwell with each other. There is no superior sex. We are just different.

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Girl, I was in the Navy (First Gulf war). Woman are capable. They should be in the military. I honor our service woman. A male/female team in combat can be unbeatable. Women are smaller, but they provide a smaller target. They can be faster then men. They can gain entry into tight spaces. and yes they can carry 80-150 pounds. Besides modern warfare technology has made it even easier for anyone to fight. Women in Israel fight for their country. You obviously don't know history: many cultures were like the Celts and had just as many female as male warriors. Bodicia queen of the Icenea and many others. And it didn't put a dent in the population. At this rate man will breed itself into extinction. You have been brain washed by religion and society. These old stereo types keep women and men down. If you put people into a roll everything stagnates. We should be dynamic. We should bend gender. My grandmother was Crow and she told us they had Two Spirit people (Men who lived as women and vice versa) also Many Spirit people (those with a third or no gender) and they were honored. It's only been in the last few thousand years since middle eastern religions took over that more cultures try to force people to be something they're not, Your ideas are dangerous. Open your mind.

Well said. You have expressed it very well. Thank you for saying it.

@kobalos -- thank you for your comment. i think both women and men should be empowered for who they are. both sexes need each other.

I will research about that. I just read that there are no female Navy seals. I will ask a navy chief who is a very good friend of mine. <br />
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Well, like I say, women and men have the right to do what they want to do with their lives. Feminism should be about giving the women a choice. But it should not be always about gender bending. It is more than gender bending. It is about empowerment and choice.<br />
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In this day and age, women have proven their capabilities. Take the Philippines for example. We have female presidents, politicians, leaders, scientists, business women, CEOs, professionals, and others who continue to shape our society. <br />
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Mothers hold the money bag in the family. Women directly or indirectly run the family businesses. If France had Joan of Arc, we had Gabriela Silang who led soldiers to battles. <br />
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Women and men are different, yet they are equal. <br />
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In sports and military fields, men in general excel better, but that doesn't mean that women are inferior. Men are just designed to protect. While women are the cradles and nurturers of life. <br />
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The physical structure of a woman's body is very different from that of a man. That is why we have women's division in sports. Men have bigger bones. They are taller and physically stronger too. That doesn't make them a superior sex though. There is no superior sex. It's just that they are designed to protect.

They have been allowing women into direct combat since 1996 or so. I KNOW a female Navy Seal. <br />
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Even if women are in combat; the only kind of war that could lower the number of females enough to jeopardize the human race's hold on this planet is one in which it doesn't matter if women are in combat or in kitchens...