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Someday, I Will Be

I can not wait go get pregnant. I think pregnant women are so absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous. I think women who are pregnant should be honored, respected and treated like a queen. I look at my belly and wish a baby was in there. I want to have a daughter so bad. I feel my destiny is to be a mommy and to teach her how to be a perfect woman and person. My mom didn't do such a good job on me, so I want to make sure my children are raised better than I was. I want to make a baby with the love of my life and start my life and family. I have atleast 1 dream a month of being pregnant and I love it!
lightsaboveus89 lightsaboveus89 18-21, F 18 Responses Jun 19, 2011

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It's time to deposit seed!!

I want to get u pregnant

Hi, I'm a little older than you, but I want to get a woman pregnant. Can you txt? 517-231-0073 mike

just wait i felt like u now i have a 2 yr old thats my world next to good things happen to those who wait

i can see you are very beautiful and i agree with you about treating a pregnant lady like a queen, but that being said - all women should be treated like queens. if you still need help, i'm all willing.

on top of the world

r given time mr right will come along,if you have a baby girl she will be as pretty as u but be kind and not nasty to her like your mother was to you.
your life will be full of fun and laugther and you will feel on top of the be pround of your self want you and your husdand had made this little pretty girl r bless sweetheart i hope u have found your truce love;-)

Maybe if you focus on finding a nice guy it may lead to what you are expecting.

If you're from the UK i could help :)

Dats a good way of thinkin ms sweet juices because a child dat is raised from a strong nd loved back round of support is most likely to be a happy nd bless baby feel me juices ?

Have you tried getting pregnant yet? Since the tragic event of having your miss carriage?

that's really sweet! I think its amazing that you want to be pregnant...because they ABSOLUTELY are beautiful and should be honored and respected. Good luck with everything and enjoy your belly and your baby when the time comes!

i did get pregnant and i lost the baby a week ago

sorry dear. just keep trying I know you will succeed.

i wish I could do it for you.

I feel the same way sometimes. I hated my mother and the way she raised me (or lack thereof). But, my boyfriend's a sweetheart and would make an amazing father, so I do want to start a family one day and I know we'll both give our child/children all the love we never go. Although, it's much too early for us to seriously consider that yet.<br />
<br />
And I have to agree with the commenter above. If he stays around, treats you well, and is someone who wants to spend the rest of his life with you, then by all means think about starting a family. Just be sure he won't turn into a jerk, and that you're both ready for such a big responsibility. :)

Good on yea just don't let the father be a complete jackass that just wanted a one night stand.

come make babies with me:

Yes, my first boyfriend, I still talk to him, and see him, and he was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and I can see my self getting pregnant by him, and him being the father of my children. I dream that one day he will be.

I admire that you have thought of the challenges of being a mother and that you will provide such a wonderful life for your children. Have you sometimes met a man who seemed like he would be a good father for your children?