Girl With Pregnancy Fetish

Well this is the site to let it all hang out.. so I will do such, knowing feedback will probably be negative... but I want to share this because I know there are probably others like me that do not divulge such secrets.

I ********** watching videos of women giving birth. It seems there is no release so great... I want to feel this for myself. I feel dirty saying and feeling this but at the same time deep down I know this is something I probably shouldn't feel guilty about.

I had an abortion at 19, VERY reluctantly. Now at 22 I feel I will never be happy until I am pregnant again. Even before the abortion I fantasized about having a baby. There is no intimacy as close as the one had between parents. I want this so desperately, but at 22 there are not many guys my age that I can discuss this with.. without freaking them out so much they run away scared.

So yeah. Just had to vent. Am I crazy?
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I feel the exact same way and I was in the exact same situation and I've been waiting a baby ever since......but I haven't found anyone who feels like I do but I want that person to be stable in every sense of the word

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No, you are not. It's a feeling that I also can relate to ALL too well. And since I'm a guy... All I CAN do is imagine. :( I wish I knew what that felt like, to feel the kicks, see my belly grow, even experience the pains of childbirth. Simulating only goes so far. Feel free to message me, I will be adding you. There are a LOT of us here... Some weird but others not so. I wish you the best and hope that your dreams of being a mom come true for you some day... :)

no not at all and i would love to chat with u

Not at all. I'd love to chat with you hun. Add me?

your not crazzy at all!!! if you ever want to chat shoot me a message :)

I'm A dude at 18 and I have a pregnancy fetish, I just like seeing pregnant bellies, and rubbing them, and the thought of getting a woman pregnant turns me on. I guess I just like the idea of something being inside my sexual partner.

No its just natural

Girl, you aren't crazy. I want to get pregnant so badly, but most guys I meet dislike me because I'm overweight. So I'm kind of losing hope for myself... But you have so much potental! Don't give up hope! :)

No. You aren't crazy. A woman sometimes want to have babies and get baby fever. It is only natural for a woman to reproduce. A lot of people have that fetish. I do and I am a guy.

I know I'm much older than you, but we have the same goal and I am financially set and love children. Let me know if you'd like to chat.

No your not crazy... you werent ready b4 now you are so jus wait till u have a guy that will be their no matter what

I am going through the same thing. There is no release so great. If you wanna talk about it from a woman's view point, just message me. You're not alone and it is not wrong.

so happy to see other girls with such a fetish

No not at all. Most women crave being pregnant and having children. It is natural. You can vent all you want to me. I will listen.

I can get you Pregnant!!

i can't think of anything more beautiful than a man and woman making a child...

Nah... You're not crazy. Everybody (almost) wants to make babies. You do, I do. Other men and women do. I had three kids. You will have yours. If you are patient and willing to follow so-called best practices, fine. Otherwise... Well, you know what to do....

no I think it's completely natural

It's not strange at all, infact you CAN have ******* during child birth. Look up Orgasmic Birth

I am 54 .I would love to have a baby and be a Father.I am responsible.have my own business.

I do the same thing. I thought I was the only Woman who *********** to birthing videos

You're not weird at all! I've had a pregnancy fetish for about a year now. It's really hard to fight the urge to stop taking birth control!

id love to talk with you.

can we get known eatch other?

no it's really hot. Can you tell me what it felt like when you first found out you were pregnant? Did it turn you on?

I feel the same way, only from a guys point of view. My girlfriend broke up with me because I wanted to get her pregnant.

Well, I certainly love the idea of getting s cute little girl like you pregnant. . ..

Ha ha, I share your pain

I would like to be a real father. I am finally at a point I can support a child and mother. I too desire the emotional conncetion I see between parents. I want to live for something other than myself. All my male friends have children, some are not the best fathers but I am starting to feel like I missed out. If you are in portland, OR. respond for real. Otherwise I wish you the best of luck

You are not crazy. The NEED to procreate is a deep seated deseated desire. I am 57 M and have been married for 34 years. My wife is unable to concieve. There is not a day goes by that I don't dwell upon what I have been cheated out of by not having children and grandchildren. Don't tell me to adopt. The god damned government makes you jump thru hoops until you are plain worn out then they say "I'm sorry but you don't meet the necessary standards." What about all the homeless kids? Wouldn't they like a bedroom to themselves and a pet dog and 3 meals a day, clean clothes, clean house? Just like living with Grandma and Grandpap. Not according to the goddamg government of the united states of america.

i would not be able to go you pregnant, but i would love to play around in bed with you. i have c.p. and want to play with a woman's nude body. yes i know i am sick and there is no woman is going to let me play with her body.

I would like to have a baby.. Would be your best choice

I think I can help you out with that I'm in the military and very financially stable let me know if your interested it would be good to hear from you

youre not crazy, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to the idea of procreation, there is nothing more natural. if you are looking for a breeding partner i would be happy to help. i live in northern california, where are you?

i love to get u pregnant

I would just like to add that if i met this girl or someone in the same immotional state, i would love to guide her through it and offer her a steady stable relationship and offer her a pregnancy that we could both enjoy throughout the nine months! I would love to fuss over her and take care of her and enjoyb making love to her when she has a swollen baby bump belly and breasts and be there when she gives birth.Everything is up for grabs with me so anyone can get in touch if this is what they want


I'm getting married in September to an amazing man who also wants to start a family together. Thanks for your comments, everyone. :)

why not send me a message, we got a lot to talk about :D

Not crazy but I would suggest finding a professional who can help you work through your feelings. To lose a child, either by abortion or miscarriage, is diffiicult (or at least I think it would be. I am a man so I will never really know).<br />
Work through all your feelings and then the future will look clearer.<br />
Good luck.

I can only really echo the sentiments listed above, this is a great site for banishing guilt, loneliness, awkwardness and inhibitions and I hope you find the freedom and support here you need!

I'm also 22, and I really want to get someone pregnant right now. Maybe we should talk some more and see if we can make it happen.

Of course not. In fact, it's probably healthy that you're so aware of what your fetish(es) is/are. Means you know what you want, and can inform any future partners about what you like.