My husband and I have been trying to get pregant for a couple months now. But I just got off my Depo shot in December and I have been getting my periods and everything. My husband is in the army and has just found out last weekend that he is going to be deployed to Iraq for his second  tour. But its for 15 months this time. we really want this and I am getting more and more stressed. We want this so bad in case something happens to him while he is over there. And its just not working yet. I track my periods and my fertility and my ovulations. I take all the little tests to help me determine it . I track it  online also at Fertilitygal.com and it still hasn't worked yet. I started today and I am really upset about it. errr.......  We really want a boy than a girl for our first child. We want to name him   Peyton Issac Micheal Prince. his initials would be   PIMP... its  soo cute. we think. Well for a boy it is... but....... alright I am getting off of here.

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Good Luck. But I must say I believe it's completely immature to choose names for your son whose initials will be PIMP. Last time I checked, worthless, dirty, Godless men who put women on the street and make them prostitute for money is NOT "cute" [as you called it].

Please re-think that for the sake of your child. I see that you're quite young, and maybe that's the problem...but I don't think glorifying a person who prostitutes women by nicknaming you son after this "profession" is a very mature or responsible idea.

I wish you and your husband the best, and I wish him a safe deployment.

I can relate to you, my husband is in the Army as well and we have been trying for about a year now. I wish you the best of luck and I hope he has a safe deployment!

good luck to both of you.