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Longing To Warm My Womb

I see pregnant women all the time, and I just get so jealous because it's such a beautiful thing. And its not like I cant have babies, but I know I would just love the feeling of carrying another life within me, and to show it all i know and the right and wrong ways of life. And to see it grow inside and outside of me. And when I die, there would be a piece of me left on this Earth. Pregnancy is beautiful and splendid, and I know I'll be joyful once my time comes.
kotonilove kotonilove 18-21, F 17 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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I want to help get u pregnant

I see what you mean. Pregnacy is beautiful. Have you started the process yet?

I can get you Pregnant !!

Babygirl with a body like that just call me when yr eggs on the way down.ill hook u up.

When you lease expect, the right person will come your way and sweat you off your feet.

when you get pregnant you would need a nice young woman like me to rub your bump and lactate your breast and help you with the baby

please pick me.....

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Im a 27 year old man looking for a woman with a desire to get pregnant. I am offering my ***** so if any ladies are interested in getting pregnant in the UK then contact me! x

I'd love to make a baby with you, your jealousy would end right quick then! ;)

i would like to help you do you like latin man great pics

If there is a girl that is interested, I'm 32, muscular, blue eyes, 6'2'', University business degree, speak 3 fluent languages, work as a business consultant. Want to know more? message me.

Tell me more

God, I'd love to be that Father.

I would love to help you in any way that I could

Good luck. I want to sire at least as much as you want to conceive. May we both receive our blessings.

Good luck. I want to sire at least as much as you want to conceive. May we both receive our blessings.

not sure where you live but if your close i would gladly put a baby in your belly:)