Me An My Hubby Want A Baby So Bad

we have been together 5 years married 3 we have been trying for 3 years I have tried vitamins that are just supposed to help all the way around I'm currently trying vitex hoping it will help. When we first started trying I had just got off Birth control so I figured it might take a while to get out of my system now I'm kinda losing hope, My hubby just turned 27 an i always said I didn't want to be an old parent my mom waited till she was 33 to have me an I hated having an older mom on top of that my dad was 17 years older then her so he was like a grandpa Lol. I just know I would be a great mom I have always had the motherly instinct I guess from raising alot of my cousins at a young age and taking care of my mom alot because she is an alcoholic and I really just wanted to break the cycle be a mom that my kid would be proud to have do things that my mom never did, take care of them not the other way around. But now I'm just scared its never going to happen.
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Did vitex get you your BFP?

all good things take time, just keep the good thoughts flowing

what have the doctors said about this, have you tried to consult on it?

not yet when we first started trying I we were not letting anyone know because I was 18 an my mom would have flipped an we have the same doctor so it kinda made me paranoid but we are supposed to look into it now that im older an he is getting used to the idea of what ever the doctor has to do lol

I wish you the best!

after 3 year you might need some help from some one try drinking cranberry jusce that will help a bit have you gone to see your docter to get tested both you and your hubby for ***** and stuff like that. he may not want to but it the best be cause there might be some thing wrong with him or u

a lot of people have that issues some time it just take time and luck good luck :)

yea im trying to be patient :) thank you!