Why Is It......

Why is it that When someone doesn't want to get pregnant that they usually do get pregnant.... and when they want to get pregnant they usually don't or it takes a while...... Errrr. September is coming up really fast and I am so afraid that I won't get pregnant and he will leave and then something will happen and I will never get a chance to have a family with josh like we plan on.... I hate this.  All I want at this moment is to get pregnant and its not working. I do everything. I chart my BMS. I follow a calendar to show me when I get my period next and when I am suppose to be fertile and when I am suppose to Ovulate. and nothing Is working. I follow all the techniques. We have only been trying since December. But its something that I really want............. I am getting really upset about this...

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6 Responses May 8, 2008

Hey, just read your post and just curious if you did get pregnant? I am also trying for a baby its been five months now and still no signs Im just about to give up on trying and just maybe (fingers x) I will fall preganat haha

lol, maybe it is because life just wants to mess with us and make us mad!! "god" or whatever you call it.

I don't get it, part of the fun is MAKING the baby, you should be enjoying this!

I get told all the time, stop thinking about it so much and it will happen. So much easier than said. I totally understand how you feel, because I feel the same. Feel free to message me anytime you want to chat about it with me.

stop worrying it will happen... Have sex all the time and whenever it is possible. You dont want to stress about this cause it is not good.. Take your own advice when people dont want to get prego they do... Good luck girl and happy humping

I know what you mean about people that are not tring to get pregnant do....I'm in that category my daughter was so unplanned (the condom broke) but has soon as I found out I was pregnant I did what i could do to bring a healthy child in this world. She might have been totally unprepared for but I have and will always lover her and see her a a special gift from god, Before you know you will be blessed too with a little one.