So Don't Know How To Feel Right Now!

I have tried for 13 yrs to have a baby and I have helped my husband raise his two kids and my two nieces.I have had to give up my dream of raising my own children with my nieces because they are now 17 and18 and my step kids are 19 and 17.I have found out in the last hour my 18 yr old niece is pregnant and last week my nephew and his girlfriend are expecting again and my best friend told me yesterday she is also pregnant..I am so angry and hurt and just so don't know how to feel right now.I mean I want to be happy for them but i can't,i just feel so jealous and bitter towards their good fortune.All i can do is cry and feel so depressed i want to give up and go to bed and not even see anyone.I have started this new diet and lost 12 lbs just to try to get pregnant because i am insulin resistant and taking this awful medication that upsets my stomach and right now i have went from being hopeful that this medication and diet will work and i will get pregnant,to just being overwhelmed with grief and disappointment that i am not pregnant.,,
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

You are still young and it still can happen. So many ladies get pregnant way older than you are. <br />
How did you feel about raising your step kids and your nieces? Did it give you any additional motherly feeling? <br />
This world is so strange, the ladies who would love to become a mom having hard time, and in some other nations they get rid of kids as unwanted property (many countries have restriction on how many kids a family can have and other with high poverty level)

Im sorry for you that you got such grief about this. Wish i could say something that could make it alright. I dont know why you can not get pregnant, so there is not much i can say about that either. All i can say is try to stay positive, stress can also be a factor in not succeeding. I hope you will feel oke soon...

Just remember that trying is also part of the fun :-)