Starting The Cycle Again

I feel body getting ready for ovulation. MY temperature has dropped. My mucous is ready to help who ever empties ther seed into to body. I have picked up my last vial for donor insemination. Talked to several helpful gentlemen from EP but none can really follow through at this time to help me get pregnant. So during this fertile period I will go to the Dr. office sit on the table with no pants or panties on with that sheet over my lower body. The Dr on duty will come in insert the speculum into me to open the cervix and inject the donor ***** into me. Then I will have to lie there for ten minutes with my hips elevated. then get dress and go. This process is so cold and unenjoyable.
I would rather conceive the natural way with a little of romance and of course a great big ******* for all. I would love to have a baby so bad and just the sheer joy in making the baby is what I am really missing . To be able to touch caress to feel body against body. WhY is a girl to do?
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If I were helping a woman conceive, I think I'd only want to do it for a woman who gets to know me and decides she likes me enough she'd want at least two of my children. I know what you mean about wanting that wholesome feeling, and the feeling would be killed for me if she said, "I want one and no more from you." I hope you find what your body clearly needs.

Still waiting for this months results

Hope its some very exciting results :)

Very interested in helping you out!

You know my sister law said the exact same thing but how do you protect against STDS

Yeah, better to pick somebody and get to know them. Much more fun with that connection too.

Yes I think that is theych better way to go

Good luck....

Thank you

Very sensual and exciting that you feel your ovulation nearing... I agree it is much more enjoyable for it to be the natural way... to feel skin pressed together, both people wanting the same thing, and feeling your body opening to accept his ***** and get pregnant.<br />
I believe that the emotional connection from trying natural also helps to conceive.

I think you are so right and I think would defiantly improve the odds