Breeding My Friends Wife

Even before they were married my friends wife "Katie" was always talking about home much she wanted kids. I have been friends with both of them for years now and we all get along just great. What my buddy doesn't know is I was always flirting with Katie behind his back, well until they got married that is. Being respectful I stopped. A little while back I was over their house Katie confessed to me that she is upset that she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. She told me that she knows she's fertile and the problem must be my friend. I told her I was sorry and suggested they try a fertility clinic. My friend was taking a shower at this point and before I knew what happened she walked up tp me grabbed my **** through my jeans and said maybe they problem is "Matt" (my friend) isn;t man enough to make a baby. I was instantly hard and I knew what she wanted, I also wanted to give it to her. Before Matt was finished Katie said she would text me later that night. Once Matt came out to join us I said I had to get going and left. I was so anxious for her to text me I kept looking at my phone. A couple hours later my phone beeped and it was a message from Katie. She wanted to know if I could come over tomorrow morning after Matt left for work, she said she was going to call out sick. I said NO PROBLEM!!! I could barely sleep that night thinking about how good I was going to **** Katie the next day. I was so horny I wanted to jerk off but I couldn't because I wanted to save all my *** for Katie's wet *****.

The next morning I raced over to Matt and Katies house. She was waiting for me and I as soon as I was inside she was ripping my clothes off. She said that she always wanted to **** me and had fantasized about having my baby for years. She wanted to blow me but all I wanted was to be inside her. I ****** her in every position possible for 3 hours until I finally came deep inside of her. She made me lunch and I could see my *** dripping out of her, after we ate, I ****** her again and filled her up again.

We continued fooling around for a few weeks and the other day I got the text I had been waiting for "I'm Pregnant :)" I know she wants at least 4 babies so pretty soon I will be getting my friends wife pregnant with our second baby!
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Similar situation. I'm trying to knock up a friend of mine and my wife. She's over 40, so fertility is an issue. She lives in another part of the country, so whenever I've been in town since last summer, we've had sex whenever we could. We're all dear friends. I've been ******* her because I've always had the hots for her ... I'm pretty sure she's ******* me because she wants another kid.

I also helped my friends/neighbors with the same situation. Her husband and I have the same features so it looked close enough. We had legal documents drawn up at their expense, relieving me of any and all responsibility. I talked with my friend at length and we both were OK with it. I was just there do me a ***** donor. They would text me when they were messing around so she was ready. When I got there I would rub up an erection and just insert it into her doggy style with her covered by a sheet. We did it that way 10 nights and afternoons in a row without success.

One afternoon, Melanie called me and asked me to come over. I immediately called Stu and asked if her was Ok with it. He said it was his idea. That time it was more of a seductive affair type of encounter with lots of kissing and mutual oral pleasure.

I got on top of her in the Missionary position and we began to rhythmically make love. It was the first time Melanie had an ****** which made her really wet. We made love with me on top of her for almost 25 minutes. As I felt my ****** building she could tell. She was pumping her pelvis upward into me. I began to kiss her when I let go. She held me tightly and I pumped into her every drop I had until I could not move because my **** was too sensitive.

We met like that four days in a row. I had to go out of town for the weekend so I gave her a quickie from behind and said goodbye. When I got back 4 days later, both Melanie and Stu ran to me hugging me and thanking me. Melanie was pregnant. I assumed our liaisons were over since I was no longer needed, but they both said they owed me so much that Melanie would take care of me whenever I needed it.

By the time she was 6 months along, Melanie was really showing and it had an effect on me. I would go next door almost everyday for Melanie's great head. She'd take her time and extend my ****** by edging me with her tongue. She would swallow me at least once a day and sometimes up to three. Being pregnant made her crave the taste and texture of *********. The day their son was born was the happiest of their lives.

I have given them three little blonde boys who all look like Stu, so no one will ever know. I have asked them to not reveal who I am to the boys ever and they plan to honor that. I've since married and no longer service Melanie although she often drops a hint about giving me oral sex. Not going to ruin my own good thing. My wife is pregnant with our first. Can't wait for all the boys to become best friends. We are just praying we don't have a "Schwarzzeneger" fiasco where my wife notices any resemblance.

When she pops out a baby that looks just like you... and your friend isn't on board... your friend may be friend that will kill you.


You lucky SOB.

Love it!

You're a lucky dog!