I Can Have One And I Want One But Im In College And Heading To Medical School....

Im healthy Im attractive Im in an active poly relationship and I want a child i want to feel a life growing inside of me but , Im about to go to medical school and this would be such a bad time....sometimes i just wanna go raw and feel his *** in me knowingly impregnating me .
Im fertile as hell but im just so far into my career and university I don't wanna get set back . I want one but idk what to say. when I see pregnant women I get so jealous that could be me but 'm putting my career first Am I wrong????

Im living in an open happy polyhome and where all about college and are careers but when ever I bring the pregnancy up their always supportive and excited , but being a mom is such dedication I cry at night .

but I'd have to leave university and put off medical school .
they want me to be a mommy and so do I but I feel like Im so young (20).

khorri khorri
26-30, F
May 12, 2012