Here We Go Again

So I am starting my cycle again I can not keep my emotions in check. I have been crying every afternoon when I am alone. The hope and nerves that this time it is going to happen I just know if I could take another disappointment. Maybe I am not meant to have children. Enough whining from me I am alive and healthy and there is always someone worse off than me :-)
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We have the same goal. want to chat?

It will happen :) it seems that everything in life has its way of slapping you in the face when you least expect it. Keep your head up and keep your passion up. I am not religious/spiritual but when it's the right time for what you desire so badly the universe will present you with the little guy/girl. I am a walking example of what the universe does in its sweet time. Just stay positive and carry on with life :)

*great big hug* Don't cry It hurt when i see people do that. Maybe you aren't but never give up. If that is your dream shoot for it. I could tell you horror stories of my attempts to have children. I doubt few people have spent the effort that I have. But I still try each day. And well worse come to worse this time there are always option you can take to increase your fertility. *great big hug again*

things look bad now but later they will clear up and you'll understand the "Why" things happens

i would be honored and more than ready willing and able to help you in any way what so ever

Add me :) what have u don't so far this is my last time trying before I take a brake I'm trying 4 #2 I'm useding opk bbt and musinex try some if u haven't knowing your cycle is key I no have u feel neg are so annying but they make the pos test more special

Try being positive about it! If you are down, it may not work. Breathe and tell yourself it will happen. Good luck!

Nope your hubby is the problem just hit it with fertile days and then select a man you would enjoy and like and im sure you are very capable woman and your hot so never cry instead do it and have fun and on the same time get what you desired and thats your own baby.

Remember these words: See it, Feel it, and Trust it<br />
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Pregnancy is something else. I have done breeding before. I have had women get prego within the first couple of tries and I have had ones that took time. It will work out. Take a break and just relax. If you need support just drop me a line!

Thank you for your suppory

You are so very welcome for the support.

Sorry you are having a difficult time and I feel for people in your situation. Glad you try to look on the positive side and keep trying. I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. I know it's hard but try not thinking about it, just let nature take its course, you never know. <br />
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Best Wishes,<br />

It will happen!

Try to relax and don't let your nerves get to you too much. I'm sure it'll work for you. Just need some hugs and ice cream. :)