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I am blessed with having a great son who is now 19 years old. I have always wanted more than one child, but being a single mother it was difficult for me to find the time between work and quality time with my son to seek out a relationship. I was content being a single mother, but I would still love to have that elusive second child.

I work from home, and make a good living, so would not have to worry about child care expense. I would be able to spend plenty of quality time with my baby as well. I have my family near, which is always a big help.
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You should. I would love to have a child before I get to old.

I would love a child and I hope I find a breeder woman like you! I hope you find the time for you and you get your second kid! :-)

I would love to help you out if you would like to chat more

i know how u feel , ive been wanting to have another baby for years

can drive you near crazy. I know it would have been better to have children closer together, but when you're a single parent you spend most of your time working and raising your child, and don't spend as much time on yourself.

thats the truth, i wasnt even told about my daughter until she was 11yrs. missed out on so much.................

Would love to talk to you and see what we could work out;)

Hi there, where are you located?

I am in Spokane Washington

That's great! Would you like to chat or email?

where are you located

I'm near Chicago but I fly in to work at Coeur d'Alene every other month. Also have family in Spokane :)

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