Considering Getting Pregnant

I am 21yrs old and have been thinking about getting pregnant, my only thing is I also want to be married to a guy who is financially stable and can afford to keep me "Bare-foot and pregnant" Lol I know it probably sounds like I am looking for a sugar daddy but I really am not, I will make a great wife whenever I do find the right guy, i believe that marriage is a life long commitment and I want to be with a guy forever. I want a baby bc I have sat and watched girls and guy I know who are stupid and immature start having families. Not knowing what they are getting into and messing up a childs life bc they are selfish, I am not. I want to be able to provide for my child I already have my pregnancy planned out.
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That sounds amazing! I'd love a wife like that.

I can get you Pregnant !! Im financially stable but not rich.

This is not some kind of confession, is it? It sounds more like a boast or a confident statement of plan. And it sounds like a really GREAT plan. If I wasn't too old for you, I'd marry you myself and give you as many children as you want.

And when you are in bed with your husband and you think he just made you pregnant, remember: it is a real life achievement.

Carry on, and best of luck!!

Zandergh, I am still in school and not having sex lol so no I havent found anyone, and I think youre right and I will pursue my dreams I just really want to start a family soon but I know that I cant get pregnant right now and raise my children how I want.

Pursue your dream in proper order and then things will work out for you.

Get pregnant after you do the other things. These are hormones talking. You have time.