I Want To Have A Baby

me and my fiance have been together going on three years now we've been living together for quite a while and i want a baby but he keep saying we're not ready but i know that im ready but i don't understand what his reasoning is behind it but we have unprotected sex all the time he pulls out its been working so far but i know it might not keep working out that way and eventually ill end up pregnant but i want it to be planned so we will be ready and i wont have to wonder if i am after missed periods or delayed periods... in need of some male advice ..
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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

okay since the last time i was on here me and my fiance talked and of course i knew what he would say ... he threw out the bad things first .... the "what if's " ! we all hate those lol but then we both came to an agreement that we are ready i mean why not ! we love each other we both work and have a very nice income so we are trying for a baby :) yayy ! so hopefully soon ill be a mommy .. praying .

Find out why he thinks you/him is not ready, and address that issue if possible