I Long For A Baby So Badly It Hurts

I have wanted a baby from the time I was 16. I am a very mature young woman and I have experience with infants and toddlers. I want my own. I want to feel my baby growing inside me, I want to nurture it with my body, I want a child who shares my blood. I want to feel it move, to love it from its very start, to know that I and the man I love have created life together. The ultimate gift between two people is sharing their bodies to bring a new life into the world. Yet this may not ever happen for me. I have very irregular periods. Which makes it difficult to have children without having some kind of procedure or taking a pill. My bf the man I love wants children just as badly as I do yet I haven't told him this. It breaks my heart everyday knowing I may never have a child of my own. I have decided that my best chance is to try while I am young. My bf already has a child and I want my child to be his. Even if we were to break up and by some miracle we had a child he would treasure it and I have never seen a better father. So this is something I want more than anything.
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Many don't understand the cravings we feel, but that does not mean you have to justify them to anyone. Do what feels natural and right for you.

Thank you for your positive and helpful comment, I lost a baby in January and found out my love was cheating on me all at once, I broke it off however things have been more confusing than ever before, he wants me in his life but he refuses to make that commitment to me again. I still want a baby, even more so now than before and I feel I would make an amazing mother.

You are your own creator. If you want it badly enough and put nothing but positive energy into creating that reality you will eventually get pregnant with big pharma helping you along.

Make sure you can support a baby financially first.

nonsense - it all works out.

Go for it. Start now. My wife has irregular periods, it took us about a year of firing at will which I think is pretty normal even for regular gals. You might just have to try a little harder than most :)

Do you have PCOS?

No, I have extremely irregular periods. Sometimes I wont get a period for 6 months at a time then I get extremely long very painful heavy periods. So its not impossible for me to get pregnant that I know of but all the doctors I have seen agree it will be difficult and I will most likely have to take pills or need extra help

*hugs tight* I wish the best for you and your very lucky man.