Is God On Vacation???

Hi..I am 34 and professnally sucessful woman. I have always wanted to carve a place for myself in the world and worked really hard for it.
I been married for 2+ years now to the best person breathing on earth. He is my best friend and my strength.

We ahve been trying for a baby for months now and with no results. I am geting depressed by the day and this is affecting my work too. I dont know wht I want now.

I have always loved playing with babies , and have heard that I would make a wonderful mom many times. I had everthing palnned for life but now everthing it tumbling down.

I dont want to leave my job cz at least that makes me forget abt all this for few hours. But I am not doing well there. I keep crying in loos n get red even on small things.

I know its a god's gift and will come with time. But its time now...Is God on Vacation???
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Yes God is on a permanent vacation.

I also think you should go to get your both examined as soon as possible, many of the medical problems can be solved today. You can have IVF also. My wife is presently pregnant after an IVF treatment. Vacation time is a good time to get pregnant. Many kids ar born in March.

If you haven't gotten pregnant in 2 years, get some tests. Do a ***** analysis for your husband, it isn't expensive to do. If his ***** is OK then you need tests on yourself. If his ***** is not OK consider using a donor. Women's fertility declines rapidly in your 30's so don't wait.